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Benefits of Right Moo products

Probiotic Green Tea

  • Available in Tulsi and Ginger with Lemon flavour.
  • 1 billion Probiotic with Added Alovera(Pre Biotic),Vit B complex series and beta Glucan
  • Patent applied for

Organic Milk Powder – Classic, Blueberry & Chocolate

  • Fortified with immunity boosting ingredients – Zinc, Iron, Vitamin A,B,C,D,E and Beta-Glucan, Omega-3 and Probiotics
  • Available in three flavours – Chocolate, Blueberry and Classic (Unflavoured)
  • Lactose free,Fortified with Immunity booster – 1 bill probiotic, Zinc,Iron,Omega DHA,VitaminsA,B,C,D.E and Beta glucan 
  • Patent applied for

Organic Probiotic Cow Ghee

  • Probiotics boost immune system and protect against infections.
  • Promotes the production of natural antibodies
  • Makes gut healthy and restores the natural balance of gut bacteria
  • 1 bil Probiotic in one spoon Ghee 
  • Patent applied for

80% Low Cholesterol Ghee


  • Saturated fat in Ghee and Butter has whopping 11% cholesterol
  • This cholesterol has less LDL ( bad cholesterol ) and more HDL ( good cholesterol )
  • 30% of urban Indian have high Cholesterol with an increasing trend in children
  • Mass market product with just 10% higher price to current Ghee & Butter in the market

High Immunity Organic Milk

  • Free of any adulterants
  • No Aflatoxin, No hormones, No Urea, No pesticides.
  • No Antibiotics, no GMOs
  • Patent applied for 
  • Fort fortified with Beta Glucan,Colostrom,Zinc and Vit A,B,D & E 

Organic Shredded Mozaerella Cheese

  • Available in 200g, 400g and 900g

Organic Cream Cheese Spread

  • Available in 250g and 500g

Organic Frozen Malai Paneer

  • Available in 200g and 500g
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